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Supply Chain Visibility

Strategic application of AiRISTA's solutions for supply chain visibility create a great potential to optimize critical processes related to the supply chain, enhance business intelligence, and improve collaboration across industries.

Shipment and Cargo Tracking

We bring you the ability to capture, decipher and pinpoint events of special interest to your operations from the flow of real-time or historical information on the movement and location

Personnel Safety

Personnel Safety systems based on AiRISTA's RFID and RTLS solutions deployed in all industrial production can keep administration or rescue personnel informed of the location and conditions of workers at

Yard and Fleet Management

AiRISTA's MONITRAC Yard and Fleet Management solution gives you the benefit of knowing the exact location of your vehicles in real time, 24 hours a day.

Equipment and Asset Tracking

AiRISTA's WiFi RTLS solutions are based on RFID, RTLS, GPS identification technologies that can augment nearly all objects with remotely powered computing capabilities.
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Logistics and Transportation Solutions

Efficient logistics is a pre-requisite for successful commerce. Delays and errors in transportation of goods – raw materials, equipment, semi-finished and finished products from source to destination adversely affect quality of service and the bottom line in an already competitive environment. Enabling track and trace along the entire supply chain, logistics and transportation companies gain end-to-end visibility resulting in gains in operational efficiencies, asset utilization, customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

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AiRISTA solutions for the logistics and transportation industry are designed to meet clients' needs for Yard and Fleet Management, Equipment and Asset Tracking, Supply Chain Visibility, Shipment & Cargo Container Tracking and Personnel Safety. Visibility solutions combine data from various sources providing location, status and condition data.


Active, Semi-Passive and Passive RFID as well as GPS (supporting data transmission via Wi-Fi, cellular and satellite networks) are all supported on the same platform.

AiRISTA Solution Highlights

  • Ensures timely and accurate shipment through real-time tracking and chain-of-custody data from source to destination
  • Supports the track and trace of assets and personnel outdoors and indoors, in harsh environment, using a hybrid of technologies on the same software platform
  • Provides flexible workflow and business rule processing with notification and alert dispatch via email, SMS and voice
  • Supports integration of data into third party software (e.g. any inventory management system) to ensure optimal scheduling and planning
  • Web-based friendly interface with minimal training requirements

Solution Benefits

  • Provide full visibility on the location and status of all trailers, containers and yard service vehicles in real-time
  • Automate and increase efficiency of gate and dock operations
  • Improve tooling/high-value-equipment maintenance, control & tracking
  • Improve security, loss and theft reduction, reduce insurance risks
  • ensure visibility of product flow across warehouse and distribution centers
  • Increase productivity and agility, enhance personnel safety
  • Reduce labor and fuel costs, drive profitability
  • Ensure safety and regulatory compliance for sensitive (e.g. pharmaceutical) products in transit
  • Enable constant monitoring of inventory levels, capacity, product arrivals and departures
  • Increase sales through improved availability of products in the right place at the right time to meet retail and consumer demand
  • Lower the cost of stock holding at all points in the supply chain through optimized inventory planning and scheduling
  • Improve speed and accuracy of invoicing and reporting
  • Improve quality of service, increase customer satisfaction and retention

AiRISTA Overview

AiRISTA develops and delivers turn-key real time location solutions incorporating active RFID, passive RFID, Wi-Fi RTLS, GPS and related wireless tracking & monitoring technologies.


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