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Yard and Fleet Management

AiRISTA's MONITRAC Yard and Fleet Management solution gives you the benefit of knowing the exact location of your vehicles in real time, 24 hours a day. The MONITRAC Yard and Fleet Management solution is designed using our GIS and Mapping Platform, which relies on both GPS and GSM networks to retrieve location data and relay the information to our web-based dashboard for real time views. Our web-based dashboard is able to display each fleet vehicle on a Google, Bing or Esri map, which updates in real time enabling immediate, reliable location data. AiRISTA's MONITRAC Fleet Management solution provides dispatch centers the ability to respond immediately with the nearest vehicle, providing increased response times. In addition, our MONITRAC Yard and Fleet Management solution not only displays location data, but also the real time status of each vehicle. Status updates provide real time knowledge of your fleet activities including, start up and shut down times, speed, route information including traffic and a variety of preventative maintenance measurements.

Highlighted Features

  • Activate the bread crumb feature to trace or playback a route/path and displays as a layer on the map.
  • Receive real-time context sensitive information
  • Zoom in for details or zoom out for bird-eye's view
  • Get iconic and distinguishable visual representation of objects or individuals on the map
  • Where available, use satellite imagery and 3D views
  • Create inclusion and exclusion zones
  • Define points of interest and locate nearest object or person on the map
  • Get point-to-point directions or route details and receive real-time location updates
  • Displaying multiple 2D and geo-maps in a single display frame.

Solution Benefits

  • Facilitate up to the minute messaging and alerts
  • Easy to use web-based dashboard
  • Increase productivity and identify false claims
  • Enable two-way communication between operators and management
  • Provide quick and accurate responses
  • Gain greater insight to fleet maintenance

AiRISTA Overview

AiRISTA develops and delivers turn-key real time location solutions incorporating active RFID, passive RFID, Wi-Fi RTLS, GPS and related wireless tracking & monitoring technologies.


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